Manage Environments

User Console

Our management console allows you to create, modify and destroy your data environments. After our initial setup in your cloud account, you are in charge!

Environment run schedules

Cloud providers can scale some of your environment services to lower cost, but never to zero cost. For development or special projects environments, you probably don’t want to run them beyond business hours or a predetermined project window. You can customize the schedule for all of your run environments, and we scale those environments to zero. This is simple for us since we use a modified version of our emergency recovery system.

Cost, performance and availability monitoring

Because we thoughtfully tag all the cloud resources we create, we can help you understand how your cloud spend applies to your initiatives. You will get real data about your investment in compute resources rather than a collection of cloud vendor SKUs that have little information. We also tie into the major application performance monitoring tools (APM) such as Sumo, Datadog, Elastic and others. We can supply this data to your central IT/devops monitoring operations so that any systems you build in Karrots can meet your corporate requirements for production-facing systems.

We are early in these efforts and expect to make big gains in this area over the coming year.

Updates and emergencies

Environment updates

As part of our emergency response capability, Karrots can rebuild environments in minutes. We can also quickly move environments between regions and zones. In case of a catostrophic failure, we can take down all of your environments in one account and stand them back up in another so that you are quickly back up in production. Interestingly, many cloud providers cannot fully update services while they run. Often companies have no ability to take these systems down easily so “update debt” slowly accrues over months and years until a stressor event forces the team to take on the deferred maintenance. When our scheduler stops an environment, it actually destroys it entirely. When we restart the environment, we rebuild with everything updated. Your cloud infrastructure runs on the latest, most patched and stable version at all times

Data tools updates

We install and manage a vast collection of open source data tools in your environment. Our team tracks updates and exploits for those tools, and we constantly update and maintain versions that provide new features, improvements, bug fixes and security updates. It’s not uncommon for company-maintained tools to be years behind with untold inherent security exploits.