Build a Platform

What is it like to work with us?

Typically, we have a kick-off meeting where we lay out a schedule to bring your Karrots environments online. We identify all of the roles and responsibilities and build a plan. Usually this is not a major undertaking.

Cloud sub-account prep

We work with your IT/devops team to build and prepare a cloud sub-account where Karrots will run. We provide a simple script that your IT/devops team can easily inspect and run. We budget an hour or two for this task.

Environment bring-up

Once IT/devops hands over the sub-account, our experts work with your data team to build the first development environment. It generally takes 30 minutes to bring up this environment. (We work remotely so that no one has to travel or make time to meet in person at an office.)

Training and support

Once the first development environment is up, our team works with your team to validate that everything works correctly. Then they begin training your team on how to use the environment: documentation, tools, apps, data and so on. The goal is to quickly get members of your team to a point where they can create their first, fully-automated data “application.” Depending on ability and availability this phase takes a day or two.

First real initiative

Our experience is that data teams are far behind because their data platform is derelict or years-late. For this reason there is often a desire to provide a long-overdue capability — often to an internal customer-manager. Our experienced data people can assist your team in quickly building one or more of these systems as a template for your own team to follow for future initiatives.