"Robust data platforms that scale"
Karrots, not orchids!

Our origin story:

We wanted a simple and obvious thing that did not seem to exist: a data platform manager that could build internal environments with all the open source applications and tools our data analysts wanted and understood. And we wanted it to securely integrate with our data warehouse and corporate identity system.

So we built it!

Then we used it in consulting projects.

And it seemed we were onto something.

And it grew.

Today it is a SaaS product that installs, integrates and manages open source data tools in your cloud account alongside your data. It's a model that puts you in control — you decide what to run, and your data never leaves your cloud account.
And it meets or exceeds your security and monitoring requirements — making it safe and seamless to integrate with production systems.

And it chases the inumerable tasks needed to keep these open source tools safe, updated, reliable and coherent.

Everything a high-performing devops team does, but much faster and cheaper. And on your schedule.

Our Expertise

  • Data Platform Automation
  • Professional Services
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Staff Augmentation
  • Process Improvement
  • Software Development
  • Performance Monitoring
  • API Development
  • Data Signals to Production
  • Performance and Scaling
  • High-Availability Systems